10 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

With growing technology, the need to change the marketing strategies of a business becomes important. You cannot expect to retain your customers with your obsolete marketing tools. The smartphones and tablets have changed the way a consumer behaves. Now, people do not even want to go to their PCs or Laptops to check about a product or service they desire. With smartphones in their hands, they have all the information they need on their fingertips. As such, it has become important for organizations to create mobile responsive websites for ensuring that they are always within reach of their potential customers.

Interacting on smartphone is very different from that of desktops or laptops. There are a lot of factors like touchscreen in mobile, smaller screen size and display resolution that comes into picture. Apart from that, your website should be optimized to consume less data when accessed on a smartphone or tablet. Therefore you must code your website for optimal viewing and smooth navigation on smartphone. If your website is taking too long to respond on a tablet or phone, people will not visit it. So even if you have spent a lot of time and resources in creating the content for your website, user experience is of paramount importance. Here are 10 WordPress Plugins to easily create mobile-responsive websites for your business.



Jetpack is a lightweight, must-have, open-source platform, which offers a simple and responsive mobile theme for any blog or website. It offers customization features like custom menus, headers, backgrounds and more to provide optimal mobile experience.



MobileView has a theme panel that lets you choose from various customization options to make the theme your own. It also offers custom menus and different landing pages on the mobile version. MobileView is a faster and convenient way to present your site to mobile visitors.



WPTouch creates a mobile version of your website with a theme. This plugin is specifically developed to enhance users’ mobile experience. It offers a good responsive interface, which passes the Google Mobile Test, and helps to boost your mobile traffic.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher


Any Mobile Theme Switcher uses an improved mobile detection technology that helps detect the right device and offer right customization to give your readers an enhanced browsing experience. It also gives you the independence to choose from different mobile themes for different browsers.

WP Mobile Edition


WP Mobile Edition mobilizes your WordPress using its mobile switcher and built-in themes. Its mobile switcher automatically detects the user’s device and loads the compatible site version be it mobile or desktop. The plugin also offers a choice for visitors to opt between desktop and mobile themes.

AddFunc Mobile Detect


AddFunc Mobile Detect automatically redirects your mobile traffic to the mobile version of your website. This plugin redirects the requests on page-to-page basis, for instance, ‘yourwebsite.com/portfolio‘ is redirected to ‘yourmobilesite.com/portfolio‘. Also, this plugin sets a cookie to track the visitor’s choice.

Mobile Smart


Mobile Smart instantly switches your WordPress theme to a responsive mobile-friendly theme as soon as it detects a user with a mobile device. Users can also manually switch between desktop and mobile versions. The plugin even rescales images to fit the screen sizes of mobile devices.

Duda Mobile Website Builder


Duda Mobile works quite speedily and offers tons of mobile templates that work with most WordPress themes. Using this plugin won’t affect your desktop theme and the mobile theme enhances your mobile users’ experience.

Equivalent Mobile Redirect


Equivalent Mobile Redirect can detect mobile devices and redirect visitors to the mobile version based upon the page settings. It also lets you override page-based redirects and transmit all mobile visitors to a single URL. This plugin also enables bypassing mobile redirect and viewing the full site instead using a cookie configuration.

WP Mobile Plugin


WP Mobile Plugin is an all-in-one solution to create a responsive website using responsive themes. You can choose between the freely available themes. The plugin is fully compatible with WordPress custom menus and you can create different menus for your mobile theme.

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