Which One is Better? Wix vs WordPress


The Wix.com is a web development platform based on cloud which was 1st popularized by a company called as Wix. It permits the users to create mobile sites and HTML5 websites through the use of drag and drop tools. The users can add functionalities like ecommerce stores, social plugins, email marketing, contact forms and community forums to their websites by using a range of 3rd party apps and Wix Developed apps. This is built on freemium business model. And earns its  revenues via premium upgrades. The users need to purchase premium packages, so as to connect their sites to their own domains, buy extra data storage and bandwidth, add e-commerce compatibilities and remove Wix ads.

Wix Features:

-> Wix Video:

Find anything and everything that you need to showcase, sell and promote your videos on your website. It is ideal for presenting your films, web series and video courses and more.

-> Wix Events:

Create your event, then collect RSVPs, send some beautiful invites and manage your guest list.

-> Wix Forum:

Right on your site you can create an online community. Your visitors can become members, follow posts, join conversations, leave comments and more.

-> Wix Mobile app:

You can start a conversation with your visitors, receive real time updates, manage your online store and more on your mobile phone.

-> Wix Chat:

With the help of Wix app chat feature, you can get in touch with your visitors.

From the editor you can customize the look and feel of your chat.

-> Wix ADI:

You can modify your website by selecting from the 16 new color kits or you can use editing options that are advanced. Additionally you can, work with rich text – underlined, bold, italic and add links to some text field or bullets and numbering to others.

-> Wix Bookings Widget:

You can promote group services or private services anywhere on the website without out the need to have a separate page by using the widget that is new.

-> Shootout templates:

You can save time on email marketing campaigns with templates that are modifiable which automatically pull relevant information from your online store into emails.

-> Light Box:

You can engage your visitors with an amazing lightbox. You can invite people to your website, offer special promotions and get more subscribers.

-> Columns:

You can refresh the layout of your site with this new feature. The columns let you spin your strips into more stunning, smarter and into smaller parts.

Wix PROs:

-> Site configuration and Onboarding:

The backend interface of Wix is not the best in the industry. It is fairly simple and intuitive. When they talk about drag and drop, they actually mean that you drag and drop elements anywhere you want them. They have themes, tools and guidelines that helps in building a website that is according to your imagination.

Figuring out pages, design and navigation – all of the basic elements of a site are pretty straightforward that can be configured. And if you want to build a website, that is exactly what you are looking for.

-> Design templates:

In the last year, Wix did a good job upgrading their selection of theme and their designs. When I tried to use them last year, their templates were very 2010-ish but were fine. Wix has a solid selection of modern templates while not quite up to Square Spaces’s design.

-> Speed and security:

All of the Wix Websites are hosted on Wix’s servers. Which means a few things. Of course it means that the Wix servers are optimized for the Wix Websites. It means that they ought to be fast. The Wix experts are in charge of ensuring your site is always fast. And it also means that the experts are in charge of securing your site.

-> Customer support and knowledge base:

The Wix sites are known for being an all-in-one solution like speed and security. There is no tracking down the root problem or figuring out what or who is at fault. If you want to edit something or when something is wrong, you can always reach out to customer support. Wix does support through email tickets, phone and knowledge base.

-> Business customization:

Wix is very clear about their typical customers and target markets. They always strive hard to sort customers based on their business, and create customized features and themes for different markets. When you sign up for Wix, you need to select whether you belong to a band or restaurant or real estate. After the choice you have made, your settings are preset along with featured themes. This makes a fast sign up process even faster.


This is an open source and free content management system. This is based on MySQL and PHP. This is installed on a secured web server, which is a part of a network host or an internet hosting service. The 2nd case could be a machine that is running the software package wordpress.org and the 1st case could be a service such as WordPress.com. The are features like a theme system and an architecture that is plugin. Today, WordPress is used by more than 27.5% of the world’s top ten million websites. The WordPress is arguably the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the web, that supports more than sixty million websites.

WordPress Features:

-> Simplicity:

This makes it convenient for you to be online and start publishing. Nothing should stop you in getting your website up and publish your content out there. As a matter of fact WordPress is built to make this happen.

-> Flexibility:

This can help you make any website you want: an internet of websites, a community, or websites that cater to magazine or news, a website for the govt., a website that caters to your business, or a very personal blog or even a site.

-> Publish with ease:

If you created a document in the past then it means that you are already know how to  develop any sort of content with the WordPress.

-> Publishing tools:

Your content management is made easy by WordPress. Checkout your post revisions, schedule the publications,and draft them.

-> User Management:

Not all of them need the same permissions to your site. The Subscribers have a profile that they can manage and the administrators look after the site, editors deal with subject, contributors and authors actually write the content.

-> Media management:

It is a known fact that a picture speaks a thousand words. That is why you must be able to easily and quickly upload media and images to WordPress. You can drag and drop your media into an uploader to add it to your site.

-> Full standards compliance:

Every piece of code that is generated by wordpress abide by the standards set by the W3C.

-> Easy theme system:

The WordPress comes with 2 default templates. If they do not suit you then there is a template repository with thousands of templates so that you can make a stunning website.

-> Extend with Plugins:

WP comes packed with features for all types of users. For each feature there is a plugin directory that has many plugins.

-> Builtin comments:

Your blog is your home. And the comments provide a space for your followers and  friends to engage with your content.

-> Search engine optimized:

WordPress is optimized with Search engines.

-> Multilingual:

The WordPress comes in more than 70 dialects.

-> Easy installation and upgrades:

WordPress is always easy to upgrade and install.

WordPress PROs:

-> Easy content updates:

This is the number one reason to use the CMS. The basic sites can be set up with easy access to all on page images and text.

-> SEO integration:

For WordPress there are many SEO plugins that can be set up to help us get a handle on the search engine results.

-> Flexible e commerce options:

There are plugins for ecommerce apps which work within the existing themes that allow for cart processing, shipping and ordering.

-> Optimized for PC/Mobile/tablet:

If we set up a responsive template for your site then we can say that people on tablets, mobiles and PCs all have a good experience on your site.

-> Built In Blogging:

Initially the WP started as a blog developer. It has changed since then, but  blogging is still the core of this WP platform.

-> Big companies use it:

WP platform is fully scalable and is used from massive international news sites to one page blog sites. The large number of companies that use it is one of the strongest statements for WordPress.

-> Larger development community:

The WP development group is the biggest of its kind. The users are forever developing custom-made plugins for various uses. The users are also constantly improving the site software.

WordPress is better Wix, and to use it, you need to learn a lot about CSS and HTML. Incase you want to make an effort and have time to spend, then WordPress is the right option. Wix does all the work for you and you just have to slightly customize and upload your content. It is effective, fun and easy. In case you do not want a 5 page blog or a landing page, and yet you need a powerful website or an electronic store, Wix is the right choice.

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