Top 7 Useful PHP Related Websites

PHP is widely used for backend of websites and web based apps. The resources available on PHP.NET are boring. There are plenty of resources of websites available that can help you accelerate your PHP growth rate and will inspire you to try and explore new areas of PHP development. Today we have listed some real resourceful websites that can help you with PHP development.

1. PHP The Right Way:


This website has immense information that helps you build better code. The website gives you knowledge of new PHP users astray, propagation of bad practices and insecure code. The site is very easy to read and provides quick reference for PHP coding standards. The articles also provide links to authoritative tutorials around the web.

2. PHP Best Practices:


There are always some repetitive tasks in programming language. This website provides particular resources that aim to solve the problem that you are facing in the development of your code. You can learn lot of new stuff on how PHP and MySQL interact, some regex stuff and also some tutorials on how to do caching, send email etc. on PHP Best Practices.

3. Securing PHP:


This site contains all the material that concerns the security in PHP. Securing PHP website contains lot of information about how to protect your PHP code, there are two eBooks available that give you better understanding and knowledge of building secure PHP apps.

4. PHP Security:


PHP Security is a great online documentation that shades light on current state of affairs with PHP security. The framework has been created by PHP security expert. There are interesting topics on the website that help you understand the PHP security attacks.

5. PHP Fig:


PHP Fig is built for project representatives to enable them talk about the commonalities in the projects and to find the ways to make them work together. The main audience of the site is each other. If you are looking for professional PHP help from open source community, this is the place that you are looking for.

6. PHP UG:


Learning from an experienced person is much easier than learning from own experiences. PHP UG is platform to learn from online courses, tutorials etc. PHP Users Group website helps you find local groups in your area, you can find people of similar interests and go-to them for learning and socializing. This site helps you meet PHP experts in real-world.

7. Seven PHP:


Seven PHP is a blog that is run by experienced PHP developer. The developer shares his wisdom with you. There are number of interesting tutorials and resources available on the site that helps you with PHP programming. You can use the search button to find stuff you need from Seven PHP.

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