Security Of PDF Files And PDF Password Remover Techniques

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an extremely trusted format fore-document.With the development of technology different organizations and enterprises prefer to use e-documents. The popularity of PDF files can be estimated from the fact that the number of online readers for e-magazines and e-newspapers are increasing rapidly.

They are broadly used in publishing reports, distribution or circulation of e-version of media, reference information or documents and in exchanging data. Some impressive features of PDF includes: proper viewing of the documents irrespective of software used to view them, ease in browsing large documents with the advantage of cross reference system. However, the most remarkable feature of a PDF file is choice of methods for document protection.


What Makes PDF Worth Protecting?

In today’s world much attention is granted for the security of data. Loss of data may cause financial harm, loss of opportunities and different unpredictable effects. The most efficient way to protect data is to apply password in order to restrict the alteration of the file. The following points should be taken in mind at the time of setting password:

  • Target of the audience.
  • Version of the software used to apply password.
  • Publishing or storage location of document.
  • Data types associated with the file.
  • Possible usage of the document.

Protecting PDF Files

Most of the software that are used to open PDF files is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standards. Originally 40 bits encryption was used but at present 128 bits encryption is used which makes it difficult to crack the password. With the use of Security certificates different access is granted to the users of different group.

Certificate based protection of a PDF file can be either User level or Owner level.A user level password restricts the opening of PDF files by simply encrypting the file. These passwords are difficult to tackle. Owner level password is applied by the creator of the PDF file in order to protect the file from copying, editing, extracting and printing. However, the owner can grant certain permissions to the users to access the PDF file.

PDF Unlocker Techniques

There are various techniques which are used to recover password from a PDF file. Some of the techniques are listed here:

  • Brute Force Attack

In this technique search for a password is done by trying every possible combination of characters, symbols and digits. The time taken to recover a password depends on the length of the password. This method is most time consuming but on the other hand, provides fruitful result.

  • Mask Attack

Mask attack is applied in the scenarios when you have exact knowledge about the length of the password or can remember some of the symbols. Using mask attack a fewer combination is made.

However,these techniques are long and tedious and require a sound technical knowledge. Hence, they are not generally used to recover password from a file like PDF. A non technical person will avoid these techniques due to lack of skills, on the other hand a technical person will switch towards other solutions due to huge time consumption.

Third Party Tool

One of the solutions to recover password from a PDF file is PDF Password Remover. It is a result oriented third party tool which removes owner level restrictions from a PDF file. PDF Unlocker is designed to remove restrictions, which are applied in order to prevent printing, editing, extracting and copying text. The software will unlock PDF files and immune from the threats of data loss. It maintains file integrity and does not alter the original formatting of the PDF file.

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