15 Best Powerful Photoshop Plugins You Must Have

Photoshop is a very powerful tool that can be used to edit images, motion pictures or creating amazing web and graphic designs. It gives the freedom to be creative with myriad of tools. However, there are times when the imagination of the web designer surpasses the tools that are available in Photoshop. Every web designer must have wished that the Photoshop could do something extra for him or her. Thankfully, there are a number of people outside, better known as the third party developers, who keep coming up with a number of software to suit the needs of the web designers. These practical plugins or Photoshop extensions give ease and freedom to use the Photoshop according to your needs.

There are myriad of functions that you can do with plugins that are not possible with Photoshop. These plugins are comfortable to use and can be used to add any effects you want in your image or web design. Here you can find 15 best powerful and amazing Photoshop plugins that you can use for creating beautiful designs. You can use them to get the preferred effect you want. It will make life a bit easier for you as a web designer or a professional photographer.

Glifo – PS Icon Web Font Maker


SpecKing Photoshop Plugin


Font Hero Plugin


Fixel Contrastica 2 PS


Super Spray


Sharpen Master – Sharp Images Fast


Color Palette Extractor – Photoshop Plug-in


WebZap – Web Dev Photoshop Plugin


CG Surprise! Smooth Edition


DevRocket v2 – iOS Photoshop Plugin


PNG Express


Zeick CC 2015 – Photoshop SVG export


Bundle CC2015: Zeick 4 + Renamy 4


BrowserBee – Photoshop Panel


Plugins Bundle


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