15 jQuery Modal Dialog Boxes For You

The competition in the digital world has increased tremendously. This is the reason why it is important to make sure that every aspect of web designing is top-notch. From something as prominent as the layout to something rather small such as the dialog box, everything needs to be designed perfectly. Dialog boxes are often overlooked but they may have a great impact on the visitor. Whether you want to display an error message, need to alert the visitor about something, or simply need to deliver an important message instantly, you can use the dialog boxes.

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Traditional dialog boxes are now a passé. Web designers are always looking for new ways to enhance the appearance of these boxes without compromising on the performance and user friendliness of the website. A dialog box could be small covering only a small portion of the web page or it could be large covering the entire web page. If you are looking for some great ideas for modal dialog boxes look no further. We endeavour to make things simpler and easier for you. So, we have made this list of 15 jQuery modal dialog boxes that are not only attractive but also very functional. Take a look!



animatedModal.js is a jQuery plugin to create a fullscreen modal with CSS3 transitions. You can use the transitions from animate.css or create your own transitions.



An awesome replacement for JavaScript’s alert.



A simple and fast modal dialog Plain JavaScript only – no dependencies All browsers supported (IE9+) Less than 1.2 KB when gzipped and minified Bootstrap and Animate.css friendly Supports CommonJS, AMD or globals.

Zebra Dialog


A small, compact, and highly configurable jQuery plugin for creating modal dialog boxes, meant to replace native Java Script “alert” and “confirmation” dialog boxes.



jqModal is a plugin for jQuery to help you display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser. It is flexible and tiny, akin to a “Swiss Army Knife”, and makes a great base as a general purpose windowing framework.



nyroModal is a highly customizable modal window plugin for jQuery.

jQuery Modal


The simplest possible modal for jQuery.



BlockUI adds elements to the DOM to give it both the appearance and behavior of blocking user interaction.



Designed as a lightbox plugin to display images, Colorbox can elegantly meet the needs of both a lightbox and a modal dialog system.

jQuery UI Dialog


jQuery UI is a well supported, widely used, easily customizable, lightweight jQuery based frontend framework. The entire framework includes much more more than just modals, but if all you’re looking for are the dialog boxes.

jQuery Popdown


What is a popdown? It’s a simple dialog that pops down from the top of your browser window once it’s loaded HTML in the background. A simple way to load web forms, content, user feedback messages, media and any other in place style content.

Lean Modal


If you are using jQuery, but still want something lightweight, Lean Modal is lean and mean. At only 1kb, with no extra CSS, you’ll hardly even notice Lean Modal is there.



noty is a jQuery notification plugin that makes it easy to create alert – success – error – warning – information – confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog.

Avgrund Modal


A modal concept which aims to give a sense of depth between the page and modal layers.



Responsive, lightweight, fast, synchronized with CSS animations, fully customizable modal window plugin with declarative configuration and hash tracking.

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