Gear Up your WordPress Website For Mobile Devices

According to 16,009,245, live websites are built with WordPress. Well this is certainly that is a whopping number and with these figures, it certainly becomes the most widely used CMS.  This means that about 24 percent of the websites use WordPress and as now the trends have now been changed we now need to shift the motive to new things.


As per the latest trend, the focus has been shifted towards mobile app as now people are now more inclined towards mobile apps.

According to, 3.65 billion people mobile phones and a 1.2 billion people among this lot make use of mobile devices to browse the internet. This is not it as per, which is a renowned website states that around 34% online shoppers search the product from mobile devices.

Wherein when we know that people so much rely so much on mobile apps, and this is the reason there is so much demand for mobile friendly web design. Moreover, having two distinct development will require your double efforts to modify the content on both the platforms. 

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss how we can make a mobile app out of WordPress website. 

App Builders

For those who do not want to rope in a technological expert and wish to develop a mobile app can opt in for App builders that allow you to create a mobile applications without any coding expertise.

These platforms are the easiest way to develop mobile apps without spending a lot of money.

To cater to your requirements, there are numerous app builders such as Shoutem, Telerik AppBuilder, Good Barber, Mobile Roadie and Reactor (it uses AppPresser), 

All these WordPress frameworks provide a different level of support of WordPress framework, and it allows you to incorporate post and other comments. For instance, Shoutem is a platform that allows the users to display posts, and this can be done by installing a  plugin on the WP website. 

This allows the users to display the content of your WordPress website, and even the comments are displayed in your app.

Similarly, we can do this with all the other app builders, except that for Reactors as you can integrate only some plugins.  For those who have a grasp of web development can switch to more advanced tools such as Telerik and you can even opt for developer API that is available for most of the companies. 

Pros attached to this method

This best part about this tool is that you can make use of this framework if you are no great shakes in technology and you do not want to spend much. 

App builders are certainly a great option for a non-technical person who do not have an extravagant budget to hire a developer. 

Cons attached to this method

For those who are looking for high-end custom functionalities and which to go for further customizations or wish to incorporate WP plugins in your web app then opting for an App, builder won’t be the best option. 

Apart from going for app builder, you can also opt to make a mobile app in the other ways. 

A Custom Hybrid App 

The very first method is to create a custom hybrid app by making use of technologies such as WP-API and Iconic Framework. 

Hybrid apps are first to build using front end technologies like HTML, CSS and JS. Then it is wrapped using technologies such as PhoneGap and other wrappers to create deliver a native experience to the clients and also to get a space in app stores. 

It can also be regarded as single-page web apps that can access WordPress content via API.  This is the time where WordPress API comes into play. 

WordPress core has proposed an exciting new feature called WP-API. It is a JSON REST API for WordPress. This gives you the facility to make use of content easily on external apps such as mobile applications. These API also allows you to create two-way communication, for instance adding posts and adding comments from mobile apps even. 

It allows you to see your posts in JSON, which can be pulled into the mobile app. For instance, we can also send an AJAX request so as to get all post data in jQuery for instance:

 <ul id=”post-list”></div> 


  jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

    $.get( “ref_post_link”, function( data ) {

        $.each( data, function( i, post ) {

            $( “#post-list” ).append(

                ‘<div class=”post-row”>’ +

                    ‘<h2>’ +

                    post.title.rendered +

                    ‘</h2>’ +

                    ‘<p>’ +

                    post.excerpt.rendered +

                    ‘</p>’ +







Pros attached to this method 

This is a traditional way of developing mobile apps that allow you to build app very speedily and allows you caching, native transitions, offline and many more other features. Using this approach, you can build apps that can work offline (wholly or partially), access native device features such as push notifications and camera, and can integrate multiple API. 

Con  attached to this method

Though this is a great way to get content into your app, certainly has a negative response when it comes to other features such as plugins. The is a great approach to get pages and posts. However, it becomes difficult when you advance further.

Wrapping Up!

There can be no gainsaying that we are living in a world where people breathe in the mobile app, and internet connective has become a major lifeline for survival. This is the reason you ought to be on mobile.

Samuel Dawson is a competitive professional to developer various WP websites. He really

loves his work for converting HTML to WordPress theme extensively. Samuel is a fun- loving guy who also likes to travel all around the world. He rerenergize himself by reading blogs on new things.

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