10 Bug & User Tracking Tools for App Developers

Bugs in the codes are perhaps the worst nightmare of any programmer or developer. If you are writing lengthy codes, you may greatly benefit from the 10 best bug and user tracking tools we have listed here.

Developers have to take care of a lot of things while designing an app. It is definitely not an easy process. Professional developers also have some strict deadlines to meet. This is the reason why they are always looking for the tools to make their lives easier. The bug related problems are quite common during the development phase. Programmers have a big task of locating the bugs and fixing them. However, these issues also arise when the app is online. Sometimes, certain bugs manifest only when the app is live and running.

Thankfully, there are many bug and user tracking tools available for you. However, with these many choices, you may also get confused. After all, you will want to find the best tools so that you can reduce efforts and make the process more efficient. This is why we have compiled this incredible list of the bug and user tracking tools that will help you in every phase of the production.



Do your clients need to fill out lengthy forms on your site, or create annotated screengrabs just to report a bug? With Bugherd, you can free them from this burden. It allows you to embed feedback directly into a website, so bugs can be flaged and managed visually. When your clients report their issues by making annotations right on your site, Bugherd turns them into a full report you can use to quickly fix the problem.



Doorbell helps you gather in-app user feedback on websites, iOS and Android apps for free. All feedback that have been received will be automatically tagged by sentiment analysis, and classified as positive or negative. You can also create your own tags for grouping messages, and perform text searches across all your messages.



Usersnap will provide anyone who works on a web project with a handy visual bug tracker. Usersnap can even be your central place to organize feedback and collect bug reports. It gives your users the power to report bugs where they happen with point-and-click annotation tools and without the need to switch to a bug reporting app or form.



Taperecorder is an SDK (software development kit) that allows you to record videos about what users are doing in your app. You will be able to track, analyze, and enhance the numerous ways people use your product. Taperecorder automatically collects events you are tracking with your analytics, and displays them next to the video.



Jira is a popular development tool for Agile teams to plan and build great products by closely following issues and the whole development process. Jira is a complex software with features like flexible planning, accurate estimations, value driven prioritization, transparent execution, actionable result, and scalable evolution. Jira can be used to organize issues, assign work, follow team activity, and many others.



Rollbar helps you find errors in your web app fast, and you can fix them even before they happen. The app will quickly point the errors by collecting a wide variety of context data, including detailed stack traces, request parameters, URLs, environments, affected users and more. The errors will be grouped by root causes, so you can easily see what really happens inside your app.



Bugclipper is an in-app bug reporting tool that makes reporting a bug as simple as sending a text message. Users can choose from 3 methods to report bugs: screenshots, screen recordings, or crash videos. Bugclipper makes it possible to easily record what exactly is happening on the screen. Users just need to tap to capture the screen, describe the issue, and they’re done.



Apteligent is a powerful development management tool for enterprise mobile teams, that connects user insight with actionable field intelligence. It helps you get real-time visibility in each phase of the mobile app development process, allowing you to prioritize and summarize problems, and identify issues before they affect users by setting alerts. With Apteligent’s unique release console you can also monitor the adoption and stability of your latest release.



Promoter empowers you to capture customer feedback, and analyze their responses by using the Net Promoter Campaigns feature. By using its web-based plaform you can easily build and manage user feedback campaigns using customized emails, perform deep analysis on customer feedback, and manage customer contacts.



Lighthouse is a simple issue tracking tool that will assist in keeping track of project development. Lighthouse will facilitate team collaboration, and keep you focused on your important tasks. Lighthouse makes it easy to create and tag issues, and automatically categorizes them behind the scenes. It is integrated with the Tender customer support service that will enable your staff to directly create new Lighthouse tickets.

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