7 Best WordPress Booking Plugins Worth Considering

WordPress is mostly used for blogging sites but, now a days it has become more popular in  other fields too because of its simplicity and  benefits. The WordPress Booking Plugins are the best choices to consider by those people who want to put an online booking system in their website. With these plugins anyone can make their website more effective and provides ease for end users who comes to your site for booking.



BookingWizz  WordPress Plugin is another Booking plugin, quite popular in WordPress community.It’s simple to install and easily integrated into WordPress site. It must be installed from the root of the site with a click. It will seamlessly integrate into your whole website and provide system interface into your WordPress site.



This plugin is included in their Hotel Engine Themes, which forges everything you will ever need to create an attractive and useful form and booking calendar. These plugin also initiates the guests to select room, process payment and add services.

Booking System Pro


Booking System Pro is one of the best plugin and stands 3rd in our 8  WordPress Booking plugins list. It can be used easily to create a booking/restaurant system. The plugin features calendars for users to see availability and book hours and dates.

WP Booking Calendar


An easy to install plugin, powerful yet simple that handles all your WordPress Booking problems. Right in middle of our WordPress Booking Plugin list.

Plugin Administrator can create a calendar for many services that are available for booking, giving flexibility to the user and the administrator. The plugin lets you set different time frame during the week.

Bookings Pro

booking pro-2

A software solution by Zingiri Bookings Pro is a software solution capable of providing online booking services for your site. Availability for your staff/services/products can be checked and visitors can make online bookings possible.



Ever wondered a free plugin which have great functionality and offers almost everything that a paid plugin would have.  Then you have might found one! Appointy Booking service is available all round the clock for your website or blog.



Appointments+ is a powerful, easy-to-use and flexible plugin that take, set and manage appointments on the go without going away from the site.

A most comprehensive plugin that make every other plugin just another choice. It is one of the best plugins for your business that schedules time with clients, such as spas and salons, sales executive, photographers, consultant, life coaches and web designers.

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