30 Best UI Kits for Designers

It may be a hassle to create your own UI kit, or to have it developed for you, but we all do this because these design elements are so crucial to your finished project. Web design clients want to know that they are getting their money’s worth when hiring an expert, and that means every detail must be flawless. Having a perfectly executed UI kit can make or break your entire finished product.

The hard truth behind web design is that if clients are not completely satisfied with your work, they will typically not return to you for any further services. They will likely look for a new web designer who will pay close attention to all of the details.

Let Me Know What You Think of PixelKit

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  • Instant access to a UI library that contains thousands of graphics, and kits that contains numerous different elements from which you can choose. Never worry again about purchasing a kit that is so limited that you can’t properly use it for your project.
  • Enjoy vector-based web designs that are completely scalable.
  • All of the graphics can be easily incorporated within most HTML structures because they are compatible with 960 grids.
  • Make your project mobile-friendly with graphics that can be included in mobile web development. 
  • Save time and resources by utilizing expertly designed UI kits. This enables you to satisfy your clients more quickly, allowing you to move on to new projects much sooner.

I think my favorite benefit has been the time-saving aspects of PixelKit. When you have more quality UI kits to work with, your jobs will be completed sooner. You can do more jobs and still have more free time.

In this article we have gathered 30 Best UI Kits for Designers

Delicious Recipes


Forms & Filters Typography & Buttons Sliders & Footers The Basics Blogging Services & Pricing Services & Pricing Forms & Filters Typography & Buttons  This food UI kit is perfect for a recipe blog, a cafe or restaurant website. It offers a wide variety of elements like sliders, pricing tables, product catalog and recipe description tabs that will work great for a an out of the box and outstanding web presence.

Snow Flakes UI Kit


This winter UI kit fits perfectly with the cold season and if you are looking to built a ski resort website you are in good hands. This kit offers a wide variety of elements starting with posts, filters, forms, pricing tables and ending with typography examples, sliders and footers.

Shapes UI Kit


It’s certain that with its metro and modern look, this transparent UI kit is gonna make your website stand out. With over 100 vector elements you have all you’ll ever need to create a cohesive design. Even if you decide to use only a couple of elements on your work in progress website, this UI kit will answer your needs and more.

Red Carpet UI Kit


This flat style movie UI kit is designed for anyone who wants a great looking website or app. It was created with a TV or cinema review website or blog in mind. Red Carpet UI kit has a lot of design elements that will let you create a movie store with ease.

Spicy Treats UI Kit


A gorgeous restaurant website or application needs incredible ingredients such as: modern design, handpicked elements and inspiring layout. Carefully crafted sliders, buttons, footers and tabs are part of this wonderful restaurant UI kit making Spicy Treats UI perfect for a BBQ restaurant or bar website. It can be also used for an online coffee shop.

Shapes Mobile UI


Shapes mobile UI kit is a magnificent iOS UI kit crafted to inspire your next app design. Its transparent elements and smooth edges offer a fresh and slick appeal. The variety of elements and screens represent a great solution for a complete mobile application.

Funky Tunes Mobile UI


This UI kit is a gorgeous mobile UI kit developed to inspire your next app design. The kit contains two color variations (light and dark) and 54 screens examples for each color, from basic ones to mobile store or booking tickets screens. The variety of elements and screens will allow you to craft a complete application with less effort.

En Vogue UI Kit


This shopping UI kit is perfect for any developer or designer working on an eCommerce website. It offers a wide variety of elements like pricing tables, product catalog and description tabs that will work especially well for a great looking e-store with a modern and outstanding presence.

Iceberg UI Kit


The Iceberg UI kit will make any website stand out because of its fresh, delicate and alluring design. The modern, elegant layout is ideal for a website that needs a contemporary feel. It is perfect for a modern, corporate site that needs a professional image.

Funky Tunes UI Kit


An excellent music UI kit designed to perfectly match an artist or musician website. Whether it is a music news website or blog, you will love the modern and fresh looking style of this UI kit. Funky Tunes features a lot of specific elements like music players, playlists and song tops.

Mirrored Twins Icon Set


This flat and modern iOS icon set has a bipolar personality: we have created 2 versions for every icon in this collection. One is hollow and stylish, while the other one is chubby and filled with joyful pixels. We believe these 1000+ different icons will more than cover your next design.

Skinny Frames UI Kit


A flat UI kit to bring your web project to par with current design trends. As usual it comes with a ton of elements to satisfy even the most exigent needs. If you are looking for a modern flat feel that make websites stand out from the crowd, you will not go wrong picking this UI kit.

Fashion Ave UI Kit


An eCommerce UI kit for any designer or developer that works on a shopping website. The wide variety of elements designed for this niche will fit perfectly for a fashion shopping website especially if you are looking for that exquisite feel that make websites stand out from the crowd.

City Break UI Kit


A hotel UI kit that will help you create cool designs and web layouts aimed at hotels, B&B’s, vacation websites and other similar ventures. The modern look and the wide variety of elements specifically designed for this hotel niche will get you everything you need at the length of a simple click.

5 O’clock Shades Icon Set


This new icon set was a fun project for us because the design style is something we’ve never tried before: it’s a combination of the modern flat style with a more detailed approach, giving the icons a cool and modern vibe. The pack contains 76 icons, from general stuff to more unusual things – making it really useful for any type of project you’ll need to tackle.

Vintage iOS UI Kit


An iPhone UI kit ready to help you create the next big thing when it comes to mobile applications. It has all the elements you will ever need in order to create any page for your first million dollar iOS application. Try the sample file to the get an idea of what comes inside the full archive.

Charming Boutique Icon Set


These shopping icons will be a great companion to your eCommerce website or commercial online store. It contains 30 pixel perfect icons with a modern and flat look, covering most shopping “call-to-action” needs. Also, because they are vector shapes they can be scaled to any size you’d want.

Modern Touch UI Kit


Not only it’s eye candy but using this flat UI kit will guarantee your website to be functional as well. The right typography balance of weight and positioning as well as the paddings, margins and colors will bring an exquisite feel to your website with a distinctive focus on content.

Chubby Stacks UI Kit


It’s beyond doubt that with its fresh and playful look, this UI kit is gonna make your website pop out. With over 100 vector elements you have all you’ll ever need to create a cohesive design. Even if you decide to use only a couple of elements on your work in progress website, this UI kit will answer your needs and more.

Metro Vibes UI Kit


A metro UI kit that will offer you an efficient way to deliver an awesome metro look and feel. You’ll never go wrong with a metro, flat design these days, it’s fresh and clean and most importantly it’s easy on the eyes and lets your users enjoy what is actually the most important, the content.

Dark Velvet UI Kit


With a crisp look this dark UI kit is bound to bring your website an elegant, corporate feel. A great choice for every designer or developer that wants to give a company’s web presence a sharp and professional look regardless if it’s a design studio or a financial consultancy company.

Gentle Edges Icon Set


Your only stop if you are searching for a minimalist icon set. And what a set this is: over 1000 vectorized icons in 46 categories for you to use in any commercial project you need. This minimalist style fits perfectly with any kind of design be it a website, a mobile app or even a desktop interface.

Arctic Sunset UI Kit


A light and clean UI kit best used for a business or corporate website. Using this UI kit, with over 100 vector graphic elements in 6 categories, will be the easiest way to present your website in a professional manner that will make clients call again and again.

Swanky Outlines Icon Set


A vector outline icon set that will fit like a glove on your flat or metro designed website or application. One thing is for certain, the 700 icons divided in 45 categories for easy finding will finally satisfy your icon needs. You name an icon and we bet it’s there.

Sweet Candy UI Kit


A playful and colorful UI kit ready to use for a more laid back website or blog. A child parenting blog or kindergarten website comes to mind when taking a close look at this amazing kit. A sure bet if you want your website to stand out of the crowd in a colorful and pleasant way.

Crooked Stats Infographic Kit


A stats infographic kit that will enable you to use visual representations of information and data to present complex information quickly and clearly. It comes in dark and light variations totaling 400+ vector elements across the board ready to help you with your next presentation.

Flat Jewels Icon Set


A colorful flat icon set that will make your website or mobile application shine, that’s a given. It works best with a modern flat, metro look and feel website, but you can also use it in a more detailed and colorful design as well. Use this icon set only if you want your website to stand out from the crowd.

File Manager App Kit


An iPhone file manager ui kit ready to be implemented that has a flat, minimalist look and feel to it. It comes with 15 different app screens and has all it takes to be extended as pleased or even used to create a totally different kind of app. Download the sample file the get a taste of what’s inside.

Vanilla Cream UI Kit


An easy on the eyes UI kit best used for a coffee shop, bistro or pastry website. An easy pick if you want your website to make an amazing impression. It comes with 100+ elements in 6 different categories that will help you knock your website out of the park.

Tasty Bites Icon Set


A detailed food icon set for any designer or developer that is working on a new restaurant website or something in the area of tasty foods and drinks. This icon set works best with a more detailed design approach rather than a minimalist or flat design style.

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