30+ Beautiful Illustrated Websites for Your Inspiration

It is believed that most people will visit your website and will take only 10 seconds to form an opinion about your company. This is why having graphics in your website is so important. Even if you have the best written content, people will not stay on your website, if they are not attracted by it. You can either use images or illustrations on your website to enhance its appeal. However, more and more websites are preferring illustrations over websites, because of several benefits that are unique to it.

The first and foremost benefit of using illustrated websites is that illustrations can be customized according to your brand, your business and your product and services. It helps you in combining your written content with graphics to make it more interesting and increasing its recall value. The second benefit of illustrations is that they engage people more efficiently. People get bored easily. Simply browsing boring images is not what they are looking for. They need interaction. An illustration can be much more interactive than an image. Illustrations also let you use your imagination to create your own reality. It also helps in delivering the message more efficiently. Here are beautiful illustrated websites for your inspiration.

Hell’o Baby


This website allows you to create an interactive album for your baby with additional services, such as measurements, stickers, video stories, printed albums, postcards.

For Better Coffee


Here are 5 essential rules to make better coffee. The scrolling effect here takes you through the “journey” of coffee beans from plant to cup.

ALI Kaffe


This website allows you to create the new official Ali Coffee song. Pick from the genre you like and start making your tunes. I love the illustrations and colors used here.

Ice & Sky


Wild-Touch and Luc Jacquet invite you to share this unprecedented epic to better understand the incredible phenomena that affect us all. Through this study of Antarctic ice you’ll see the impact of human on nature and why it is important for us to start acting now to prevent further effects.

History of Icons


You have seen an interactive infographic like this one. Here’s a visual brief on icon history through different graphical user interfaces from different operating systems. The color choices fit surprisingly well with the illustrations.



Spacelamb is a creative online game. You can help Bishop the Lamb get back to Earth safely and unharmed after a long and beautifully drawn trip through the Universe!

I Love This Fame


It’s a non-profit project aimed to promote the love for basketball among kids. You can choose a player and start shooting for the hoop with your mouse.

Dreamcar Collection


Dreamcar collection is showcasing dream cars of children from all over the globe. The campaign features 93 unique cars from 81 countries and regions which took part in contest from Toyota.

Tuck Effect


Want to know the secret to more friends, dates and income? It’s called the Tuck Effect – tuck your shirt, change your life. Discover the monumental new study from Fruit of the Loom.



This website is dedicated to McWhopper which is a mix of McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King’s Whopper. You’ll find yourself scrolling down as quickly as possible just see the action in the background.



Neotokio! is an Italian design agency focusing on interactive design and communication. This website is ‘summer edition’ showcasing creative scrolling combined with boldly changing ice cream illustrations. Scroll down to see what I mean.

Denise Chandler


This is a website of freelance designer Denise. I love the octopus limbs that appear throughout the home page, which shows a distinct combination of photography and illustration. Truly design skills that stand out of the crowd.

Major Savage


This is a portfolio for freelance UI / UX designer and illustrator Major Savage. Each part of this website is full of creative interactive illustrations.

Stuff and Nonsense


This is a website of Stuff & Nonsense, one of the best known web design studios in the UK. The home page features their favourite advertising illustration, DDB’s chimpanzee campaign for PG Tips tea.



A bi-weekly illustrative website by Matt Johnston where new and old watches come to life. All the watches here display your local time (in real-time too).



It’s a clean, responsive, flat single-page portfolio for Antonia (Ani) Powers aka Caramel Budgie. The homepage even looks great enough to turn into a desktop wallpaper.

Pixel Lab


A design and development studio based in Seattle, Pixel Lab’s website features a “Us at Work” illustration void of color on a blue background. Funny how something without color can still grab your attention.



A colorful site design by a Ukrainian company, Yep! plays around with colors and simple illustrations to show you how their instant meetings app work.

Make Your Money Matter


The website highlights the positive social impact that credit unions make. An interactive website experience which showcases the journey of a typical deposit through big banks vs credit unions. Start scrolling to see the action happen.

Slavery Footprint


A survey designed to raise awareness about slavery in the supply chain of many products. The site lets you to track how many slaves work for you based on your lifestyle.



Nerisson by Jimmy Raheriarisoa is a french art director specialized in design and illustration.

Reverend Danger


This is the company portfolio for Reverend Danger. Scrolling triggers pop up animations which are created with CSS3 with jQuery fallback.

Malika Favre


Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. Her bold, minimal style of illustrations is often described as Pop Art meets OpArt.

daniel j diggle


Daniel James Diggle is a freelance designer, illustrator and animator currently living and working in London, England. His website reflects his style and creativity.

The Interactive Ear


A great teaching site from Amplifon. The interactive ear shows the journey of sound along with anatomical features of the human ear.

Super Sync Sports


Chrome Super Sync Sport is a Chrome Experiment that allows you to sync your mobile devices to your computer and make a ginger, mustached athlete run, cycle and swim.



Alkopedia is an interactive tool where teens can learn more about alcohol and its effects. The site offers 9 animated questions for reflection and discussion.

Intro Musique Emergente


This non-profit website is aimed to promote exchanges between artists to break the isolation of artists in the practice of their art. The large musical equipment in the background move as you scroll down the page.

In Space We Trust


‘In Space We Trust’ is made as an art project to teach visitors about space travel. It’s made as a timeline with creative illustration and sounds to set up the explorative mood.

Doudou Blues


Doudou Blues is a musical tale which portrays the adventures of Yuma, the blanket Stella lost. I like the way illustration changes here as you scroll down. Storytelling gets a UX remake in this example.



Fleximize, the website, is a playful experience based on SVG animation and illustrations. Through three different but inter-related smoothly animated stories, users can access a smart way to ask for a loan.

Tati Express


This creative illustrated website is dedicated to the movie Tati Express. It shows how modernity impacts human beings and goes through that amazing body of work at 100 mph.

Angry Wife Game


Angry Wife is a housework simulator game which helps men to learn how to do work around the house. It’s creatively illustrated and surprisingly addictive.

Spare Time


I love this website! It calculates how much your spare time is worth based on how you value time and answer a few questions in a fun visual survey. There is a reason for this which will be revealed in the end.

New Snoopytizer


In celebration of the March 8 release of The Peanuts Movie on Blu-ray and DVD, you can now give your own furry friend a digital makeover in the style of Charlie Brown’s canine companion.

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