10 Best Open Source Mobile Tools For Workplace

Mobile devices have become part of workplace in no time. Workers in small and midsize organisations have been using personal tablets and smartphone for business use. Open source community plays key role in growth of this mobile usage for work. There are many open source apps that can help boost your creativity. Today we have listed top 10 open source tools that you would find useful at workplace.

1. Convertigo


This is a full-fledged mobile platform for developing and deploying apps. You can use the free community edition to access to the apps. The platform has standard and extended editions as well which come at small price. You can use Convertigo to deploy and manage apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. The software is available for Windows, Linux and OS X platform.

2. ForgeRock


ForgeRock consists of several management and identity tools. It comes with apps that can support mobile devices, mobile apps and APIs. Even though the app is free, the support comes at some cost. ForgeRock software supports only Linux. 

3. OpenMobster


OpenMobster is a backend service for mobile platform that provides private cloud and mobile enterprise application private. OpenMobster offers unique enterprise sync platform that ensures reliability. The open source tool features push notification, mobile remote procedure caller (RPC) and management console. The tool is available on Windows, Linux and OS X.

4. WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager


This tool provides comprehensive enterprise mobility solution. It offers MDM, mobile management, enterprise app store and mobile data security features. The platform offers paid support and training. The tool is available on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

5. APG


APG (Android Privacy Guard) is OpenGPG encryption standard for Android. The tool offers encryption, decryption, signing and key management capabilities. The tool supports apps for Android.



Android Security Evaluation Framework (ASEF) is a test suite for locating malware, adware and hogs in your Android app. The tool can detect malicious malwares in your app. The tool is limited to only Android apps.

7. The Guardian Project


The Guardian Group offers number of security and privacy related tools for Android devices. The tool uses Orweb private web browser. The tool includes apps like ChatSecure messaging, ObscuraCam, Pixelknot hidden message and Ostel encrypted phone call. 

8. LBE Privacy Guard


LBE Privacy Guard is the most powerful protection software app for Android. The tool can block unwanted traffic and malware. Users can customize the data that apps can access. However, you need rooted Android phone to run this app.

9. Orbot


This app lets users access internet using private Tor network on Android devices. Tor ensures anonymous private browsing. The app sends encrypted message through several servers to cover your online footpath. Your browsing becomes impossible to trace if you are using Orbot.

10. Apache Cordova


Apache Cordova offers set of APIs for native apps that use web development technologies. There are more than 600 plug-ins available for Apache Cordova. You can use Apache Cordova to extend capabilities of creating apps. The platform supports coding mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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